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Greg Parker is a real estate investor with properties in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Detroit and Miami. With over 30 properties throughout various areas of Philadelphia, Greg Parker is a leader in the real estate industry and plays a significant role in the revitalization of urban communities across the region.

It was on a trip to Atlantic City as a child when Parker and his mother spotted real estate mogul Donald Trump walking on the boardwalk.  This sighting left an indelible impression on Parker and a lifelong pursuit of success, business and wealth began.

He first witnessed the financial power of real estate more than a decade ago, when he purchased his first property in North Philadelphia and quickly earned a lucrative profit. Since that initial purchase, Parker dedicated his career and passion to real estate investing and has maintained an impressive collection of property locations that extend from Philadelphia and New Jersey to Miami and Detroit.

Determined to build a real estate empire that will extend country wide, Parker has a keen eye and sharp intellectual understanding of the real estate process. From purchasing and construction to listing and ultimately profit, Parker takes pride in having a hands-on approach to building communities and absorbs himself in the entire process.

An inspiration to many around him, Parker is also committed to empowering those who have an interest in becoming successful in the real estate business.

In addition to his work in real estate, he is an active community leader in his childhood neighborhood in North Philadelphia and regularly contributes to various organizations and programs.

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